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Kattegattleden HALLAND

- the north part of Kattegattleden
- Halmstad - Gothenburg
- self guided tour
- 6 days

Cycling tour with enough time for relaxing stops and experiences during the tour.

We have done our best to set you up for a memorable cycling holiday in the Halland region in South West Sweden.
- Varied accommodations, all with good standard, from small B&B to "glitz and glamour" at top class hotels. 
- Your luggage will be taken care of and will be waiting for you, when you arrive to your accommodation for the night. 
- The experiences are all lined up along the route - charming cafés and restaurants, fishing villages, ports, handicraft, farm shops, castles, vineyards and much more!

Good for your well being, good for your health, good for the environment and with plenty of treats!

The roads

You´ll be cycling the north part of the national cycle route, Kattegattleden, from Halmstad to Gothenburg, as close to the coast as possible, along Region
Halland´s sandy beaches and small, charming coastal towns; Halmstad, Falkenberg, Varberg  and Kungsbacka. All the way in a bicycle friendly landscape without inconvenient hills. Please note that some smaller parts of the distance remains to be fixed and follows roads with a bit more traffic. 

The cycle tour day by day

Additional night
Stay an extra night before start and experience the small town Halmstad. Have a good night´s sleep at a hotel near the center and the train station and prepair for tomorrow´s adventure.
See "additional services" to the right.

Day 1, Monday
Halmstad - Steninge, approx. 26 km

After leaving Halmstad you will pass Tylösand, one of Sweden´s most well known beaches. Accommodation in a very charming hostel with a nice garden with ocean view of Kattegatt and with outdoor gym and sauna to hire. 

Day 2, Tuesday
Steninge - Falkenberg, approx. 28 km
Today you pass small coastal villages with cosy restaurants for lunch, nature reserves, coastal moorland and shore meadows combined with cliffs and small sandy beaches for a final stop in town Falkenberg. 
Accommodation in a charming hotel in the center of the small town, Falkenberg.

Day 3, Wednesday
Falkenberg - Varberg, approx. 40 km
You ride on small side roads passing fishing villages, shore meadows and sandy beaches. Accommodation in a full service hotel with access to their relax deartment in the city of Varberg. 

Day 4, Thursday
Varberg - Åsa, approx. 48 km
You follow Kattegattleden north passing one of Northern Europe´s finest birdsites and small fishing villages.
Accommodation at a Bed & Breakfast in Åsa, a small village south of the town Kungsbacka.

Day 5, Friday
Åsa - Kungsbacka, approx. 30 km
Today you cycle through the countryside to Kungsbacka passing some exciting tourist attractions on the way. Like Tjolöholms castle and Fjärås bräckas unique environment from the Iron Age. 
Accommodation in a nice hotel in the center of the small town Kungsbacka.

Day 6, Saturday

Kungsbacka - Gothenburg, approx.
63 alt. 45 km

From Kungsbacka you cycle along the peninsula, Säröhalvön which has an exciting maritime history. Then you will approach Gothenburg, the second largest town in Sweden with epithets like "New Amsterdam" and "Little London". (You can also choose a short cut if you want to arrive earlier to Gothenburg.) The tour ends here after arrival to Gothenburg, but why not stay an extra night? Take the chance to visit the amusement park, Liseberg, do some shopping or just rest your legs on a boat trip on the canals.
Additional night in a top class hotel.
See "additional services" to the right.

You are constantly reminded that Kattegattleden is a route close to the ocean.
Luggage transportation is included. When you arrive to the different accommodations, your luggage is already there!

Do you want to ride the whole Kattegattleden?
Kattegattleden GRAND TOUR
, 10 days
Kattegattleden GRAND TOUR, 7 days
Kattegattleden GRAND TOUR, 5 days

Beaches, beaches, beaches... There are a lot of them along the Kattegattleden. Here, one of the most well-known in Sweden, Tylösand, close to Halmstad, day 1.
Your first stay is at a charming and relaxing hostel near the ocean, day 1.
Breakfast for a cyclist in the morning, day 2!
You will find many places to visit along the cycle route. Here the mill in Särdal with a café, shop and exhibition,
In Falkenberg you are staying in a nice hotel in the center of the small town, where you can go for a stroll around the old town , day 2
At Kronmakaren, north of Falkenberg, the owner makes unique bridal crowns. Studio, shop and a small coffee shop. Photo: Britten Toftarp
Red houses and backroads are often seen on your way. Photo: Britten Toftarp
Overnight stay in a unique hotel, where a charming turn of the century meets modern comfort, day 3.
One of your overnight stays will be at one of the B&B:s in Åsa, a small village south of the town Kungsbacka, day 4.
An excellent way to finish your cycle tour will be to spend the last night in a top class hotel with a fantastic view of the sea. Free access to the spa and relax area, day 5.
An excellent way to finish your cycle tour will be to spend the last night in a top class hotel with a fantastic view of the sea. Free access to the spa and relax area, day 5.
Cycle friendly landscape with no tough hills on most of your day trips. Photo: Britten Toftarp

Package includes

* 5 Overnight stays in double room. 4
  nights at top class hotels and 1 night at
  a nice Bed & Breakfast. 
* Sheets, towels and cleaning service
* 5 Breakfast

* Luggage transport between all the
  accommodations, 6 days

* Maps with route description day by
  day and information about cafés,
  restaurants and places to visit along
  the route.

Reservation for minor modifications that will be informed in advance.

Start day of the tour (day 1)

April 30 - September 24

Prices 2018
- per person in double room

Period 1 (low season): SEK 5 890:-
Period 2 (high season):  SEK 6 590:-

Period 1: Start April 30 - June 18 and August 6 - September 24
Period 2: Start June 25 - July 30

Discounts for children
Up to 5 years in parents bed: 85 %.
6 - 12 years, extra bed in parents room: 70 %. (Luggage transport for children is not included in the price) 

Additional services
- all prices per person

Single supplement:
Period 1 and 2: SEK 1 400:-

Half board, 2 days
2-course dinners, excl. drinks, day 3
and 5: SEK 650:-. 
Adults only. Meals not included for children age 0-12 - will be ordered and paid for at every overnight stay.​​​​​​​

Additional night in Halmstad, incl. breakfast, Sunday before start:
in double room: SEK 585:-
in single room: SEK 895:-

Additional night in Gothenburg, incl. breakfast, Saturday after ending tour:  
in double room: SEK 700:-
in single room: SEK 1 100:-

Bike rental, including transport,
6 days, day 1 - 6.
Note that the prices for the bike rental includes transporting the bikes back to Halmstad. You leave the bike in Gothenburg. You don´t cycle the same distance twice - new day trips with new experiences every day!

Touring bike, 18 gears, including bike transport: SEK 1 100:-.
Electric bike, including bike transport: SEK 1 540:-
Children´s bike, including bike transport: Please contact us for prices.
Cancellation fee, SEK 300:- per person. Read information,  "Book".

Maps and information

Maps and information will be sent to you after final payment, in good time before your arrival. Read more "Book", booking/terms and conditions. 

The tour starts in Halmstad and ends in Gothenburg. If you have your car parked in Halmstad, it is easy to go back by train or bus when your cycle trip ends. If you arrive by train the train stations in both Halmstad and Gothenburg are located in the centre. 

The route follows the popular boardwalk to the town Varberg.
The bathhouse in Varberg, open all year.
Tjolöholms slott - an unique castle in Tudor style, south of Kungsbacka, day 5.