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We have done our best to find cycling tours for all wishes! See "Package includes" in the different cycling tours.

Kattegattleden GRAND TOUR, 8 days
- the Kattegattleden route Helsingborg - Gothenburg (395 km)
Day distances that allow you to enjoy nature and experiences along the route. 

Kattegattleden GRAND TOUR, 5 days
- the Kattegattleden route Helsingborg - Gothenburg (395 km)
For you who prefer a bit longer day trips.

Kattegattleden HALLAND, 6 days
- Kattegattleden Halmstad - Gothenburg (210 km)
Experience the north part of Kattegattleden (county Halland).
You cycle through the small charming coastal towns Halmstad, Falkenberg, Varberg and Kungsbacka.

Kattegattleden SKÅNE, 4 days
- Kattegattleden Halmstad - Helsingborg (161 km)
Experience the south part of Kattegattleden (county Skåne).
You cycle through the beautiful Kulla- and Bjäre-peninsulas passing several holiday resorts, as Torekov and Båstad.

Kattegattleden WEEKEND, 3 days
- Kattegattleden Halmstad - Varberg (105 km)
The most popular north part of Kattegattleden? Well, you have to deside yourself! Here you cycle through three of Halland´s small, charming coastal towns.

COAST & INLAND, 3 days
- Varberg - Åkulla - Falkenberg - Varberg (112 km)
Here you cycle through the countryside the two first days and finish your tour along the coast on Kattegattleden back to Varberg.

FORESTS & LAKES, 4 days (Update of tour is ongoing!)
- Halmstad - Hylte - Halmstad (170 km)
A relaxing cycle tour through the rural inland with forests, lakes, fields and meadows. 

In Varberg the Kattegattleden route follows the popular boardwalk.


The cycle tour FORESTS & LAKES follows the cycling path Hylteslingan/Hylteleden, where you will be cycling into the more unknown inland of Halland. An inland that except wild nature, forests and lakes provides some excellent entrepreneurs that offer varied accommodations along the tour.


Tours for larger groups

Are you a group of people, who wants to cycle together? Maybe a company who wants to activate your staff or a group of friends who wants to spent some time together?

When it comes to larger groups we can arrange a tour after your specific needs. 

You are welcome to phone us or email your request and we will get back to you with a proposal and price.

Please contact us for proposal for larger groups. Photo: Mathias Uhlan
A lot of sandy beaches along Kattegattleden if you want to take a swim.
You can also find cycle tours that take you through more unknown countryside.