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Self guided biking tours along the
Swedish west coast

Gyllene Turer offers cycling tours including accommodation with breakfast and luggage transport and some tours with dinner. Bike rental and half board are optional.

An active cycling holiday that offers new experiences while keeping things simple and convenient.

Good for the environment and will do wonders for your physical health and mental well being!

Just make your way here - we will do the rest.

Just make your way here – Gyllene Turer will do the rest! 
We make the planning, rent out bikes, transport your luggage, book accomodations and dinners (when included), let you know about the best places to visit and give you the maps to find your way. We also provides a travel guarantee for your security.

Easy to get here
It is very easy to get your way to any of the starting locations - either you arrive by car, railway or plane. For example it takes just about one hour with the train from the international Danish Copenhagen Airport to the start of the tours in Helsingborg.

Choose the tour that will suit you best. Welcome!

Kattegattleden - Swedens first national tourist cycle route that offers unique scenic and cultural experiences along the route.

  KATTEGATTLEDEN - Swedens first national tourist cycle route opened in 2015. It runs along the Swedish West Coast from Helsingborg in the south to Gothenburg in the north. Easy to reach, e.g. one hour from the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Elected ´Cycle route of the year´ 2018 at the bicycle exhibition
 “Fiets en Wandelbeurs” in the Netherlands. 

In 2020 we can offer two different tours for the whole route that takes you from Helsingborg to Gothenburg, 395 km. Two routes with different lengths of the day trips:
Kattegattleden GRAND TOUR 8
Kattegattleden GRAND TOUR 5

You can also cycle parts of the Kattegattleden route:
Kattegattleden HALLAND
Kattegattleden SKÅNE
Kattegattleden WEEKEND

The other tours also partly follow the Kattegattleden route.